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The “Hickory” Family Story

Ma and Doc Hickory came to the Catskills in the early 1970s armed with four children, a barbecue and a taste for traditional American barbecue food. With his two eldest sons at his knee, Doc Hickory spent the next thirty years, rubbing, smoking, grilling, seasoning, saucing and basting the finest traditional and non-traditional barbecue meats.

Over time, Doc Hickory developed his own dry rubs, sauces and seasonings for spare ribs, chicken, pulled pork, brisket, turkey thighs, short ribs of beef and skirt steaks. When these dishes were combined with Ma Hickory’s cole slaw, potato salad, and desserts, barbecues at the Hickory house were events in which invitations were treasured. Family and friends ate more than their fill and urged the Hickorys to take their talents to the next level.

About Hickory

As the Hickory boys aged, they pursued different careers and started their own little Hickory families. The eldest Hickory son moved to Virginia and soaked up as much southern cooking and hospitality as he could. He traveled to Memphis, South Carolina, Illinois and several other “barbecue hot spots” in pursuit of the tastiest vittles the nation had to offer.

In 2002 the Hickory brothers, along with their hardworking and very understanding wives, decided to answer and honor the family calling and open their first restaurant right here in Kingston. Ma and Doc Hickory can often be seen around the restaurant, and the menu is sprinkled with their creations as well as other authentic smokehouse dishes from the country’s most popular barbecue regions.

As proof of our interpretations of traditional barbecue cooking, you will often find a pink ring in the middle of your barbecued meat. Don’t be alarmed, this coloring is the result of several hours spent in our smoker and means that you are enjoying authentic smokehouse barbecue.

The entire Hickory Family is excited to share with you the fruits of our labor. Enjoy!


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