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I’ve been to this place a couple of times now on the way back from hikes in the Catskills and Adirondacks, and I wish to god I didn’t have to make a trip out of the city to get to this place. It’s by far the best BBQ I’ve ever had outside of the South, and I’d go so far as to say that you could drop this place in the Carolinas and people’d swear by it.

First off, their meat is smoked perfectly. But that doesn’t really get them 5 stars. I’m usually more surprised when I get BBQ that ISN’T smoked right because it’s so damn easy. Bad BBQ is just lazy, hurried BBQ. Hickory’s pit guys leave it in there and don’t rush it.

What gets these guys 5 stars is their sauces. Every time I really have a gripe with a Northeastern BBQ joint it’s because they just can’t figure out how to do regional sauces. Hickory’s are spot on. Like Eastern Carolina mustard sauce? It’s spot-on. Like your sauce KC-style and sweet and tomatoey? Hickory’s is mouth-watering.

These guys took their time and actually got every aspect of their craft done right. I’ll go back here every time I’m anywhere near it.
P.S.- I could seriously make a meal of just the hush puppies and maple butter.

David S., Brooklyn NY - Submitted 10/1/2012 – Yelp

Top bbq in the region. They also are stars at the annual bbq festival in newburgh where they crush the traveling show circuit pros. A must if you crave a smokey and tender rib.
Peter K- Published November 23, 2008 – Zagat

We’ve eated here many times. The BBQ is always good and the prices are very reasonable.
Jill W., Stattsburgh, NY – Published December 21, 2010 – Zagat

I actually saw this reviewed on Trip Advisor, and on the way up to the mountain, stopped for lunch. The atmosphere is simple and homey, the food is extraordinary. Everything we had, from the bbq chicken and ribs to the amazing sides was outstanding. The service was prompt and very friendly and the prices were so reasonable for the amount of food we ordered. Would return many times!

SoChathamGirl, Albany, NY - Reviewed February 23, 2013 -TripAdvisor

Just visited for the third time in the last month and love it. Fresh food expertly prepared and served by a nice staff. Our favorites are the Turkey thighs, ribs and lamb rib special. Meat is always moist and expertly smoked – I admit that as a KCBS member I can be hard on a BBQ place but not this one. Great wings to start off – Jerk and Buffalo are our faves as well as the onion rings and a special salmon cake that they had just the once.

The mother of the owner makes some killer desserts especially the key lime pie and chocolate blackout cake. Can’t wait to try their catering services next summer for our company pig roast.
CJACKS48915, Woodstock, NY – December 17 2012 – TripAdvisor

We have been coming here regularly since we moved to the area from Kansas City of all places 2 years ago and we have to say that the “Cue” is as good as anything from where we’re from and the sides might be even better. Our faves are the ribs – not fall off the bone mind you but they have that little bit of snapback that you need – free range chicken, really moist, Brisket and Turkey. Love the sides – esp the slaw and the mac salad. Everything is fresh and the chef is very proud of locally sourcing many items.Try and start with wings – really like the carribean with this fruity dipping sauce and the Thai with a spicy ranch and finish with one of the desserts made by the parents. We’re partial to the coconut cream and the chocolate blackout. Friendly severs too.
Jenkins, Kingston NY – Submitted Nov 30, 2012
If you want homestyle BBQ food, this is the place. Portion size is excellent for the value.
Julie P., Ulster Park - Published November 27, 2010 – Zagat
Steve and his team at Hickory BBQ catered our wedding at Mount Gulian Historic Site, and they were amazing! Everyone was extremely helpful – the team was organized and executed very well. The food was delicious too. We had the 48 hour smoked chicken and hanger steak with pasta salad, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and green beans served family style. We (including all of the guests) loved every bit of it. I would suggest Hickory BBQ to anyone who wants a delicious and cozy meal for their wedding (or family party or just to go to the restaurant in Kingston)!
Catherine J., Brooklyn – Submitted  7/18/2012 – Yelp

Hickory catered our wedding last month and I can’t even count how many of our guests came up to us at the wedding, emailed us afterwards or made it a point to tell us in person that it was “the best wedding food they’ve ever had.”   It really was!  It was perfect for our outdoor wedding in the Hudson Valley and I can’t recommend working with them enough.  My husband and I went to the restaurant about 1 month before our wedding to taste some of the food we’d have catered and we were blown away!  The service at the restaurant itself is excellent and their smoked turkey is the best we’ve ever had.  We actually ended up doing a vegetarian/fish wedding to accommodate a lot of Kosher guests and it was perfect.  The food is extremely flavorful, perfectly cooked, and seasonal. Their desserts are wonderful too!

Deena B., Brooklyn NY – Submitted 7/23/2012 – yelp

The best barbecue I’ve ever had was in a little dive in Austin, TX that I never would’ve found if not for a hotel concierge. The only place that’s ever come close to that authentic full-bore Texas barbecue is Hickory Smokehouse.

If you’ve never had -real- Texas smoked barbecue, you might not be expecting what you get. The meat is served without sauce. It’s smoked, not grilled. Hickory provides an assortment of homemade sauces at the table, so you can add sauce if you like, as much as you like, and in whatever heat you like. The chef trained at the Culinary Institute of America, and the food is of commensurate caliber.

The ambiance is a mix of Adirondack lodge and southwest roadhouse; wood paneling and soft lighting. It’s somewhat upscale dining in a casual environment. You won’t be looked at too askance in casual clothing or moderately dressy. Don’t expect “elegant”, but it’s not really a dive, either. If you’re looking for nicer dining, sit in the dining room; there are booths in the bar, but it tends to be louder.

The only real criticism I have is that the place isn’t terribly well insulated. If you’re visiting in winter, well, the place is high on a hillside in the Catskills. It gets cold, and if you’re in a window booth, it gets drafty, so bring a sweater just in case.

Oh, and a hazard of the mountain location: Cell coverage can be spotty, especially for Sprint/Virgin Mobile customers, so if you’re expecting an important call, Hickory may not be your best choice. It’s not the restaurant’s fault; you’d think the cell companies would have better coverage on one of the main routes into ski country…

Robert L. Kingston NY – Submitted 12/13/2012 – Yelp

Hickory is a cozy spot with amazing food and friendly service.  After visiting the place a couple of times, we decided that they should cater our wedding.  After all, my husband told the waiter that their mashed potatoes “could stop wars.”  Steve, who runs the joint, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in helping us create a fabulous menu for our guests that would also be affordable.  People were RAVING about the food.  When does that happen at a wedding?  What’s more?  His staff that worked our wedding were so personable, so fun, so helpful and efficient.  They were just great!  We even went back after the wedding so we can tell Steve personally how wonderful everything was……and also to get more macaroni salad.  There may be dishes that you love more than others and the ones you love, you will be blown away by.  Thanks to Steve and his staff for being the best!

Rachel A., Astoria NY – Submitted 10/19/2012 – Yelp


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